Sony DVW-970P

Digital Betacam has become the format of choice for the production of highest quality standard definition programmes. There is an installed base of over 99,000 products worldwide and the format is readily accepted by the world's most prestigious broadcasters. Digital Betacam camcorders, VTRs and players are in daily use around the world for productions where the ultimate standard definition quality is a critical requirement.
The DVW-970P camcorder is the most recent addition to the Digital Betacam family. It is the latest in a long line of broadcast camcorders and emphasises the continued commitment by Sony to the Digital Betacam format and its users.
This third generation Digital Betacam camcorder is widescreen switchable and uses a new generation of Power HAD EX™ CCDs to guarantee exceptional picture quality. Familiar ergonomics, robust construction and reliable operation are key features of the DVW-970P.
The ability to select between 50i (interlaced) and 25P (progressive) recording provides additional creativity to the production team, allowing the optimum picture "look" to be selected for each production.

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$325.00 per day
$1,300.00 per week
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