Codex Media Vault

The Codex S-Series is a modular, rugged device with super-fast processing and transfer times.

Customise to your particular workflow on a specific project. Ideal for shooting on location, it’s ready to go wherever you need it to accelerate your production pipeline and secure your data. Use a combination of different cameras, but bring everything together through a unified, streamlined process. Combine Codex S-Series with Codex Vault Platform for a complete QC, review, colour, transcoding and archiving solution.

Because it’s modular, the Codex S-Series can be configured to suit any project. The Transfer Module is the core, with docks for various types of media. Add the Storage Module for removable RAID-protected storage – 8 or 16TB Transfer Drive for backing up and transporting your data wherever it’s needed. Add the Review Module for playback, colour and QC as well as super-fast GPU processing.

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$1,250.00 per day
$5,000.00 per week
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