Panther Galaxy Crane System

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The Panther Galaxy Crane is a rideable, modular, remote crane that has a total of 15 configurations. Easy to handle, with fast and uncomplicated setup, the Galaxy Crane has an extremely rigid arm which remains steady at all times.
Utmost stability is the primary objectives of the crane arm. The outrigger has a remarkable cross-section of 25 cm2 (10“x 10“) to be strong enough against torsion. The position of the bracing kit and especially the V-trapezoid, offer optimal 4-sided stability, ideal to dampen the vibrations of the arm, particularly during remote operation. Consequently, all remote versions are operational up to a wind speed of 45 km/h.
The use of special, non-corroding bearings in the central section facilitates the precise handling. The Galaxy is black to avoid possible reflections on location.
Remote version
• max. height: 63 ft
• max. payload: 80kg / 176lbs
Platform version version
• max. height: 12,0m / 39ft
• max. payload: 250kg / 551lbs

$1,500.00 /day
$6,000.00 /week
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Group: 07- Grips
Sub group: Panther