Panther Classic Plus Dolly

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The new Panther Classic PLUS combines the idea of economy with high technical standards. The dolly is based on a rugged, almost maintenance free construction concept.
The central column configuration of the Classic PLUS Dolly provides its user with easy operation and unconstrained versatility already in his basic configuration.
The electromechanical drive of the Panther Dollies has proven its high reliability for over 30 years. It was used with the Super Panther for the first time and then continually elaborated over many dolly generations. The high-quality material and the accurately working single components guarantee you additional longevity and durability, while also maintaining strength in extra-ordinary situations of stresses and strains on set. High Low turnstile enables a quick and easy positioning of the camera in each possible position over and near the dolly. The excentrically positioned camera seat offers high ergonomical quality.
The steering rod can be positioned at all four wheel arms. This guarantees exact steering without jerks. The handset can be positioned in the steering wheel. The heat insulated seat can be changed in length and height. The ergonomical High-Low-Turnstile makes the best possible comfort for the cameraman complete.

$405.00 /day
$1,620.00 /week
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Group: 07- Grips
Sub group: Panther