Baselight Assist

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Fast, creative video grading and finishing

Baselight Assist combines the latest multi-GPU technology, capable of supporting HDR/EXR and 4K workflows, with powerful Linux-based software to achieve the highest levels of quality, performance and reliability.

It is a powerful, multi-role system with 4 GPUS and either a 40TB or 80TB RAID 60 internal disk system, made up of two sets of 12 drives that are each cache-protected RAID 6. It also features audio andfast networking with the option of dual-link SD/HD video ingest and lay-off, all housed in a 5U chassis.

The system supports the Blackboard 2 control surface and up to three GUI monitors, and is supplied with a dedicated, suite-side control PC.

We are providing 8 Hours only per day.

$675.00 /day
$2,700.00 /week
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Group: 17-Grading Suite
Sub group: Baselight Assist